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Dealing with tough stains

Most of the time it is quite easy to get rid of stains, spots, and spills on different surfaces with standard cleaning tools or services. However, sometimes there are cases with very annoying and difficult stain cases which have to be solved and removed proper way, using professionaltechnical skills as well as suitable stain removal. Using the wrong type of stain removal product may cause serious damages to your furniture and other property surfaces.

Remember that longer a stain remains, the more likely is it will be much harder to get rid of it or not at all. Second most important is to do a proper pre-treating as soon as possible. While doing that consider always to test a discreet area of fabric to avoid bigger damages. Stain remover should always be applied from the underside of the stain. Rubbing aggressively delicate fabrics will not do any good.

Grass and mud stains are usual ones especially on children clothes where the best thing to do is apply detergent directly and rub the fabric together. If needed you may use hot vinegar but apply it first in the discreet area for few minutes and check if the color doesn’t come off by applying paper towel on the area. Then you are sure you can proceed with vinegar pre-treatment. Soaking in cool water with laundry product containing enzymes for at least 30 minutes usually does the very good job with this problem. Mud stain solving is the same, and if it doesn’t work, you may always sponge it with rubbing alcohol and rinse with clear water before wash.

Blood stains are best solved soaking in cold water with gently rubbing. Changing water should be considered depending on stain size. Then you may use proper stain removal to sit sometime before washing.

Grease stains should immediately be soaked in cold water ad rubbed gently by dish soap. After rinsing it in cold water, this should be repeated at least once more and at the end without rinsing wash on the hottest wash temperature signed on the label.

Red wine stains are perfectly solved by applying salt first and after soaking overnight in cold water with an enzyme detergent before regular washing.