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Floor and carpet maintenance and how to keep it always clean

Carpets are usually one of most important parts of most properties that complement the interior of any living area. So for that reason, people ensure that they are kept clean in order of hygiene and prolonging their life.

Proper maintenance

Keeping the particles of dirt and dust from their way into the carpet pile is one of the main keys of proper maintenance. Another way they will act abrasively on the fibers and damage color of the carpet.

Vacuuming at least two or three times a week and keeping strong doormat by the entrance door should do half of the work already. Upright vacuums are recommended especially ones with revolving brushes to dislodge inserted dirt. Also an annual steam clean is recommended for which you may even rent proper equipment today. Avoid keeping light colored carpets in high traffic house parts and external entrances. Cylinder cleaner should be used for loop pile carpets and upright cleaner for cut pile carpets.

Cleaning tips

There are three basic rules of effective carpet cleaning. Acting quickly is essential for a start because the chances of successful cleaning are highest then. If tackled immediately spillages are mostly removed. Dry kitchen roll or dry white cloth should do the work while semi-solid substances should be solved by plastic spatula. Blotting the stain is next part where you should forget about aggressive rubbing and scrubbing. There will always be more damage done that way. Dabbing a clean, warm soaked cloth to the stain should transfer the stain from carpet to the cloth. And remember at the end to always test a carpet stain removal on a hidden area especially if it is of great value or importance to you.

Typical stain solutions

Oil or grease stains are successfully removed with baking soda. Let it sit for 15 minutes, vacuum it and apply few drops of dish washer with warm water and let it dry. Chocolate stains are best solved when first scrapped off with knife or spoon. Then comes gentle blotting with little washing detergent and water. Blood stains, you wouldn’t believe, are one of the easiest ones to remove. Just a gentle rubbing with cold water will do miracles.