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Tools professional cleaners use

There are few thing you may do and use to keep your premises and environment up to highest standards of cleanliness and appearance. It is only matter which category of things, surfaces or areas are in the question. We know of a cleaning product or two that can make your life much easier.  Make dirt and stains a distant history with these essentials. Even if starting your own cleaning business or planning some cleaning project these are few essential and recommended items you should consider.

Vacuum cleaner – as a most important tool for any form of housekeeping. Don’t save your money on this, if you want it to do a great job and last spend a little more and it will give you much more in return. Basic categories are canisters and upright models. First ones are recommended for superior jobs on stairs, hard to reach places and hard flooring while other ones are best used on carpeting. Always pay attention to the type of proper filtration concerning what types of job you want to solve.

Brooms and mops – of course, there are always spots and corners vacuum cleaner just can’t beat, in these cases, proper broom comes very handily. Three basic types are push, synthetic and corn brooms.  Push brooms do their best for large areas such as garages, patios and other similar indoor areas. Choose ones with tacked in bristles, avoid ones that are glued together. Synthetic brooms work best behind furniture, corners, and baseboards while corn brooms from natural bristles are the all-purpose solution for sweeping tasks.

Squeegees – are always used for professional cleaning tasks. There is a huge variety in an offer today depending if you are in need of cleaning windows, showers or bathtubs. These keep the glass from streaking and spotting.

Scrubbers – for tough cleaning works you have wide range offer of these. Grime will not loosen up without some elbow grease and proper scrubber.

Duster – especially extendable ones will do a magnificent job and dust far out of reach and save you from climbing ladders.

Sturdy buckets and caddy – will make all mentioned equipment very handy and in one place in a time of need.

Dealing with tough stains

Most of the time it is quite easy to get rid of stains, spots, and spills on different surfaces with standard cleaning tools or services. However, sometimes there are cases with very annoying and difficult stain cases which have to be solved and removed proper way, using professionaltechnical skills as well as suitable stain removal. Using the wrong type of stain removal product may cause serious damages to your furniture and other property surfaces.

Remember that longer a stain remains, the more likely is it will be much harder to get rid of it or not at all. Second most important is to do a proper pre-treating as soon as possible. While doing that consider always to test a discreet area of fabric to avoid bigger damages. Stain remover should always be applied from the underside of the stain. Rubbing aggressively delicate fabrics will not do any good.

Grass and mud stains are usual ones especially on children clothes where the best thing to do is apply detergent directly and rub the fabric together. If needed you may use hot vinegar but apply it first in the discreet area for few minutes and check if the color doesn’t come off by applying paper towel on the area. Then you are sure you can proceed with vinegar pre-treatment. Soaking in cool water with laundry product containing enzymes for at least 30 minutes usually does the very good job with this problem. Mud stain solving is the same, and if it doesn’t work, you may always sponge it with rubbing alcohol and rinse with clear water before wash.

Blood stains are best solved soaking in cold water with gently rubbing. Changing water should be considered depending on stain size. Then you may use proper stain removal to sit sometime before washing.

Grease stains should immediately be soaked in cold water ad rubbed gently by dish soap. After rinsing it in cold water, this should be repeated at least once more and at the end without rinsing wash on the hottest wash temperature signed on the label.

Red wine stains are perfectly solved by applying salt first and after soaking overnight in cold water with an enzyme detergent before regular washing.

Floor and carpet maintenance and how to keep it always clean

Carpets are usually one of most important parts of most properties that complement the interior of any living area. So for that reason, people ensure that they are kept clean in order of hygiene and prolonging their life.

Proper maintenance

Keeping the particles of dirt and dust from their way into the carpet pile is one of the main keys of proper maintenance. Another way they will act abrasively on the fibers and damage color of the carpet.

Vacuuming at least two or three times a week and keeping strong doormat by the entrance door should do half of the work already. Upright vacuums are recommended especially ones with revolving brushes to dislodge inserted dirt. Also an annual steam clean is recommended for which you may even rent proper equipment today. Avoid keeping light colored carpets in high traffic house parts and external entrances. Cylinder cleaner should be used for loop pile carpets and upright cleaner for cut pile carpets.

Cleaning tips

There are three basic rules of effective carpet cleaning. Acting quickly is essential for a start because the chances of successful cleaning are highest then. If tackled immediately spillages are mostly removed. Dry kitchen roll or dry white cloth should do the work while semi-solid substances should be solved by plastic spatula. Blotting the stain is next part where you should forget about aggressive rubbing and scrubbing. There will always be more damage done that way. Dabbing a clean, warm soaked cloth to the stain should transfer the stain from carpet to the cloth. And remember at the end to always test a carpet stain removal on a hidden area especially if it is of great value or importance to you.

Typical stain solutions

Oil or grease stains are successfully removed with baking soda. Let it sit for 15 minutes, vacuum it and apply few drops of dish washer with warm water and let it dry. Chocolate stains are best solved when first scrapped off with knife or spoon. Then comes gentle blotting with little washing detergent and water. Blood stains, you wouldn’t believe, are one of the easiest ones to remove. Just a gentle rubbing with cold water will do miracles.